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Spafford Wows Audience at Soul Kitchen in Mobile: A Concert Review

Spafford's recent performance at the Soul Kitchen in Mobile was a night to remember. The band's first time in Mobile, the intimate setting of the venue made for an electric atmosphere that the band seemed to relish. With a set list that included old favorites like "Relax" and "Backdoor Funk," as well as newer material like "Fake The Fate," Spafford delivered a masterful blend of rock, funk, and jam elements that had the crowd dancing and swaying throughout the show.

The energy level remained high during the second set, which featured a cover of Rusted Root's "Send Me On My Way" that had the audience singing along. Spafford then launched into a series of jams that included "Electric Taco Stand" and "Dis Go In 5?" before returning to "Electric Taco Stand" and culminating with "All In." The band's improvisational skills were on full display, and the crowd responded with enthusiasm and joy.

For their encore, Spafford played "To The Nest" followed by "Simple Mysteries," which left the crowd ecstatic. The band members were incredibly gracious throughout the show, thanking the audience for coming out and expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to play in Mobile.

Overall, the Spafford performance at Soul Kitchen was a truly unforgettable experience. The band's musicianship and improvisational skills were unparalleled, and their ability to connect with the audience was evident. If you're a fan of rock, funk, or jam music, then you won't want to miss a Spafford performance. They're a band that's sure to leave you dancing and smiling all night long.

Set List:

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